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Online Workshops

Alongside my in-person events, I currently offer regular topic-based one-day workshops on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as well as online two-day IoPT workshops, and International Online Workshops (suitable for non-UK time zones).


For all events you can book either a working place (where you will be guaranteed the opportunity to explore your own personal issue in an IoPT process) or a participant place (where you can observe and participate in others' work).


If you are new to IoPT, or have questions, please contact me.


Please note that in order to participate in these workshops, it is necessary to have a good, stable internet connection, and a functioning camera and microphone. If being visible on camera is difficult for you, either for technical or personal reasons, then a one-to-one session or a private, bespoke workshop may be more suitable.


Online topic-based 1-day workshops

My Wednesday workshops run from 9.30am - 6.30pm (UK time) and are limited to 12 participants - 4 Working Places and 8 Participant Places. The Saturday workshops run 10am-6pm (UK Time) and are limited to a maximum of 8 participants - there will be 3 working places and 5 participant places available on each day.

Prices : £85 (Working place) £25 (participant place).*

*If there is time it may be possible to do your own personal exploration. If you do take up the option to do a process you will be required to pay the £60 difference in price on the day.

wednesday workshops

more dates to be announced soon...

saturday workshops

No events at the moment

Online 2-day workshops

My two-day online workshops run from 10am-6pm (UK Time) both days.

There are 6 working places (£105) and 4 participant places (£45) for each workshop

More dates coming soon...

Online International workshops

These workshops are designed to make it easier for those who are not on a UK or European time zone to attend.

I have recently run a workshop on Pacific Standard time for participants in Canada.

If you are interested in organising a workshop for a group of participants on a specific time zone and wish for me to facilitate, please do get in touch.

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