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Healthy Parents, Healthy Child

An online support group for parents, meeting monthly, from September '24 to February '25


This bespoke closed group is open to parents, grandparents, parents-to-be, foster carers, adoptive parents and anyone who works with - or is the guardian of - children & young people.


Together we will explore the challenges of what it means to provide a safe, loving environment for babies, children and teenagers, whilst working with our own early trauma.


Limited to a maximum of six participants, this group offers the opportunity for self-encounters (up to three per working day), as well as a chance to share & ask questions.


The group will meet on the third Friday of the month, from 10am - 6pm UK time.


Dates: 20th Sept, 18th Oct, 15th Nov, 20th Dec, 17th Jan, 21st Feb


Cost: £525


If you have any questions about this group, please contact me.

Between 2018 and 2023, I offered regular IoPT learning courses, both online and in person. These introductory courses comprised of experiential personal work, alongside theoretical explanation and discussion. They were open to all those interested in the topic of trauma, who wished to explore their own personal issues in a safe, closed group.
Due to my current family commitments, I am not offering online weekend courses at this time. If you have an enquiry about further learning opportunities, or if you wish to organise a learning group and invite me to facilitate, please email me.

from previous course participants

'The perfect introduction to IoPT … the quality of the teaching and facilitation was outstanding which allowed me to go very deep into my own process.'

'It was so great that the group was small. With every module, more intimacy and trust developed...

I will absolutely recommend this course!'

The facilitation was perfect, so gentle, kind, inclusive and utterly respectful.'

'This course has been life changing for me ... It felt completely safe, extremely well held and supported, and worked brilliantly between the balance of teaching and processing. I’m so grateful that I have found this work.'

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